Unreached People Groups

The Unfinished Assignment

We believe in “One Chance for Every Person”. There are over 7.6  billion people living today; and over 42%, 3.16 billion are without access to the gospel.

Unreached Task Force

Uniting to Finish the Assignment

The Unreached Task Force exists to bring people together to finish the Assignment given to us by Jesus. We exist to:

1. Identify the remaining people groups
2 . Pray for the unreached
3 . Provide curriculum and resources to train those who go to reach them

Accelerated Preperation

Preparing to take on ‘The Assignment’

Our accelerated training program teaches, mobilizes and equips people to go and reach unreached people groups.

2021 Training is Now Starting!

Mission One Eleven's training compund in Sweden or Online.

We believe in “One Chance for Every Person”

Our Tools and Resources

OCFEP – One Chance For Every Person App

We’re bringing ministries together and sharing information to find and reach unreached people groups


Task Force








Mass Evangelism


Church Planting

This is The Assignment!

(How are we doing?)

Out of the $42 trillion spent on missions…

  • Only 1% goes towards unreached people groups. 1% 1%

Of the 7.6 Billion people on the planet


Have never heard the Name of Jesus.

I’d like to give

Every donation can change someones eternity