Launching  “Operation 326″ :  The final frontier!

Giving “One Chance for Every Person”

Villager walking at a distance.

Why is “Operation 326” so important?

It really is the final frontier of the Unfinished Assignment of reaching every tribe, tongue, and nation.

We have identified approximately 326 Unreached people groups remaining that have not yet heard of Jesus.  Of these 326 remaining tribes there are zero christians: no workers, no missionaries, no Jesus film, no bible or bible translations, no audio recordings. The people in these groups have never even heard the name ‘Jesus’. It represents around 1/3 of the entire world’s population.

Wouldn’t it be great if you were part of reaching the last tribe, tongue, and nation?

Our motivation is making sure the gift of Salvation is offered to every person willing to receive it…and finish the Assignment. That’s why you hear us say “One Chance for Every Person”  

What’s my part?

How can My church or I participate in Operation 326?


Commit to bringing an Operation 326 speaker to your church.
If you live within a reasonable distance of central California you can arrange with us for our helicopter to fly to and land at your church to create excitement for a Sunday morning service or mission event.    Get more info here

9 Adopt a tribe by donating a minimum of $3260.00 to send someone to go and make a reconnaissance report. Get more info here 

9 Become our partner by supporting us monthly to either operation 326, our mission One Eleven teams, or our Aviation program.

9 Send a member (or members) of your church on a short-term mission expedition with Mission One Eleven.  It’s fun and exciting and will bring new life to any missions program.