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Remaining Unreached Tribe Research

Our Unreached Task Force team has been working to identify the last unreached tribes still remaining today who have yet to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Using both research and on the ground work, we aim to identify the places still needed to send someone to bring the Gospel. This then allows us to send teams and missionaries to these remaining people groups. Our team works alongside groups like Joshua Project and

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Annual Report

Check out our latest Annual Report for more information on who we are and what we do. It also includes our latest research on the remaining unreached tribes, upcoming trips, classes and more.
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Chronological Stories

We use chronological storytelling to share the Gospel amongst unreached people groups.

Through our Methods of Orality Course we teach how to learn and present these Gospel stories to any people group, be it Tribal, Muslim, or Western. These stories are written to be simple, yet they connect the need for a Savior. So once the Savior is shared there is an understanding of human’s need for Jesus and His gift of salvation. There are 4 components of the Gospel that are shown within these stories: God created a perfect world, sin destroyed it, Jesus fixed it, and you can receive it. Sharing the Gospel is so simple, yet we make it so much more complicated.

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Our Apps

We have developed several apps to help share the Gospel and reached the unreached. These include OCFEP, the Hero Network, PrayerPocket, and more.

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Statistics on Unreached People Groups

Today there are over 7 billion peoples, over 3 billion, or about 42% of all peoples remain unreached. Our partner, Joshua Project, has done extensive research on the remaining unreached people groups. Click the button below to see their statistics.
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People Group of the Day

Prayer is one of the most powerful tools we have to reach the unreached. Follow along to pray each day for one of the world’s unreached peoples.