OCFEP Digital

What started as a vision from Karl Hargestam just to use a phone app to reach refugees, has now grown into OCFEP Digital, a full service app developer.

We believe in “One Chance for Every Person”

Our Tools and Resources

OCFEP – One Chance For Every Person App

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Hero Network App

Designed for CityServe, the Hero app is a community compassion engagement tool. An easy to use tool to manage resources and distribution of goods in kind to local communities.CityServe strives to empower the local church by training and providing resources such as food, apparel, and home products that help them to compassionately live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their community. Their vision is to see the local church fulfill its calling to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and a stronger catalyst for healthier communities and the restoration of broken lives.

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You can download the Hero App here:

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Storyshare App

We want people to be able to share the Good News with confidence, so with the help of a team from Basil Technologies, we created Storyshare!

Storyshare is currently available in 6 languages: English, Swedish, Romanian, Turkish, Arabic, and Persian, with additional languages being translated and prepared. The dual screen in the app allows you to read the story in your language on one side of the phone, while the story is shown in the same or a different language on the other side.

Mission One Eleven Digital will be used for evangelism training through our MOE Training Centers, City Serve, and local outreaches.

This year we will be sending additional teams out to train and share the Gospel with refugees in Europe, Lebanon, and other areas of the world where there has been an influx of refugees.

We believe that anyone can share the Gospel whether they are new in their faith or a seasoned veteran, overseas or in their hometown. The Mission One Eleven Digital division is here to help equip you.

You can download the StoryShare app here and begin to use storytelling in your everyday life with family and friends. It’s a proven tool for evangelism.

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Prayer Pocket App

Emmanuel Hernandez, Director of our Digital Team has developed Prayer Pocket, an app designed to help people know how to pray.

We understand that prayer isn’t as easy as it sounds. We get distracted, we don’t have enough time, or we just simply don’t know how to pray.

This coaching series is designed to be adapted to your usual schedule by keeping you focused, passionate, biblically aligned, and motivated. We believe that this audio series is the tool to getting spiritually mature. If it’s your first time praying or if you are a prayer worrier. This is designed to enhance your prayer life wherever you are.

This is not the philosophy nor theology of prayer but the process of your prayer life. This series is not meant for you to listen to once or twice but for you to practice it on a daily basis. This is not a ritual nor a rehearsed prayer but a variety of techniques, so that you can pray your own personal prayer. The way it works is that we coach you to pray.

We want you to think of it as a spiritual workout session. Just as you would have a coach or trainer guiding you through jumping jacks, sit-ups, and other forms of cardio activities, spiritual coaching is the same. We guide you through scriptures, prayer techniques, quiet time, prayer intervals, meditation, and intercession. Instead of working with the body we are working with spirit, mind, heart, and soul.


It’s as easy as pressing Play and Pray.

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You can download the Prayer Pocket App here: