Three red lines.

This T.V. Documentary gives a glimpse into a pioneer mission field filled with adventure, danger, and the miraculous hand of God.

This team’s goal is to reach the lost. They are dropped into a foreign and exotic land, with minimal supplies and knowledge. We travel with the team and share in the victories and frustrations. We watch the team learn to rely on each other and on God.

Will they reach their ‘Assignment’?

Episode 1

Mission One Eleven takes Ethiopia.

The Mission One Eleven team travels to Ethiopia and meets with Joshua Campaign workers who have planned a gospel rally in the town of Daye. The team must adjust to Ethiopia and to each other and get to a house in Daye where they will stay until after the rally. The team must get their bearings before they set out to the Ethiopian bush to search for unreached people groups.

Open video cover.

Episode 2

Danger in Daye!

The team wakes up in Daye. There are dangers everywhere. They must find transportation to nearby villages to pass out fliers and put up posters for the upcoming rally. Will they get a chance to preach the gospel or will they wimp out? (Featured cast: Carrie, Jason, and Carmen)

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Episode 3

To the Ends of the Earth

The team continues to adjust and to venture out into unknown villages to preach and pass out fliers. They are invited to visit a local church. Concern over the behavior of one of the team members begins to surface. Carmen gets separated from her team. (Featured cast: Albertine, Carmen)

Man looking at a helicopter.

Episode 4

Lost in Translation

The team is tired of ramen noodles for every evening meal and decides that they should try something new. The team ignores the danger of trying to preach in the middle of the marketplace. Michele steps up to preach but is translated into the wrong language, and the team experiences a miracle. (Featured cast: Albertine, Michele)

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Episode 5

What’s for Dinner?

Albertine goes on the hunt for chicken, but there aren’t any supermarkets in rural Ethiopia. And some of the team members are not to keen on the process. Issues continue to surface with one of the team members. (Featured cast: Albertine, Linda, Michele)

Group gathered.

Episode 6

We’ve Come in Peace

Karl arrives in Ethiopia and takes a helicopter to search for passable routes for the Mission One Eleven team to go into the Ethiopian bush, and is almost killed. (Featured cast: Karl)

Karl preaching to a large crowd.

Episode 7

Miracles. Signs. Wonders.

The rally has come. Will anyone come? Will they get rained out? Karl speaks to the team before they head into the bush. Miracles happen at the rally and the team is overwhelmed at the turnout. (Featured cast: Karl, Eiseley, Michele, Albertine)

The Assignment cover.

Episode 8


It’s time to head into the bush and find unreached people groups. Nick hires a bus to take them but the driver abandons the team on the road, far from their destination. The team is stuck in the middle of nowhere with their entire luggage and supplies and must find other means of transportation.

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Episode 9

The Road to Dida Guda

The team travels from Tibaru to Kalina and back, still in search of the final destination: Dida Guda.
It’s starting to look like they may not reach their destination at all.

People praying.

Episode 10

Are We There Yet?

The team goes to Kalina and has to cross the same river more than 4 times, as it snakes across their path. Finally, they reach a distant village and share the gospel – but not without its toll on the team.

Group gathered to pray.

Episode 11

The Love of Christ

The team goes deeper into the bush and arrive at a village where they meet some Muslims who are a bit hostile toward our team’s Christian message.

People crossing a stream.

Episode 12

No Trespassing!

The team has run out of bottled water and will now have to find an alternative drinking source. Some of the team finds a river to get water from and decide to bathe only to find out they are trespassing on a farmers land. A heated argument flares up between Michele and Patrick!

A man speaking to a group.

Episode 13

Time’s Up

Time is up!. Mission One Eleven’s time in the bush is coming to an end and there are mixed emotions about coming home. Some are excited but others don’t want to leave their new found friends. Did they accomplish their Assignment?

Woman speaking to a family.