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To Reach the Unreached

We have added a BO 105 helicopter to our program to train and prepare a new generation of helicopter pilots and mechanics to find unreached people groups.

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 Mission One Eleven uses helicopters whenever they are available to seek out and find new unreached people groups. Our Mission One Eleven Aviation program is currently based at Meadows Field Airport in Bakersfield, California before we transition the helicopter program into other parts of the world.  During this time we will create an operational and safety program that can be maintained in the bush or remote locations, train our pilots for operational safety and create a sustainable maintenance program.


Our BO 105

Ready to deliver missionaries to unreached people groups around the world

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Meadows Field Hanger

Base of Aviation Operations


Our work with unreached and unengaged people groups demands a constant need to travel to places that are inaccessible by conventional means. As a ministry, we feel the need to train up helicopter pilots, mechanics. 

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Our base operations will meet the expanding needs of Mission One Eleven expeditions, scouting, locating tribes, escorting missionaries, ferrying teams, relief efforts, rescue operations, and missions service.

Our Program

We take ‘The Assignment’ seriously!

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Our program searches, finds, and then mobilizes and equips Mission One Eleven teams to go and reach these unreached people groups.

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We believe in “One Chance for Every Person”

No matter where they live or how hard to get to.

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Jon Slagle is the Director of Mission One Eleven Aviation. You can contact him for more information about our program and our BO 105 helicopter.

Photo of Jon Slagle.

Why a helicopter?

Of all the travel methods our teams use to get to the far reaches of the earth, Helicopters are sometimes the only way to reach them.

Often we hear, “If you’ve known this good news, why has no one ever come to tell us?”

Photo of Jon Slagle.

Gehrig Smith is a Mission One Eleven Aviation Capt. and is in charge of flight operations. He started in our training program with zero flight time and now has more than 2200 flying hours.