How can I become involved in the Aviation Program

I want in!

There are a few ways to get involved. Some are more complicated than others.

First, if you truly believe in our program:


We need donors, sponsors, and partners. No matter where you are in life it’s important to give to the Kingdom. Donors give monthly, Sponsors may take on and fund a specific aviation project and Partners commit to the aviation program to keep it up and running.

Bring our Helicopter to your church!

Helicopters are exciting. It’s exciting when we land in a remote tribe in Africa and it’s just as exciting to land our helicopter at your church. We want to capitalize on that excitement and before we send it out to a remote location around the world, we want to use it to excite your congregation toward unreached people groups, Mission One Eleven, and your own church’s missions program.

We can offer, if it’s logistically possible, to:

  1. Land our helicopter at or near your church.
  2. Participate in a full mission Sunday including a presentation and sermon about unreached people groups -or-
  3. Participate in a missions window during your service to present a video and speaker presentation about unreached people groups.
  4. Have a Missions One Eleven booth with information on our Operations 326 program, Mission Expeditions, and how someone can participate with us.
  5. Provide opportunities to take pictures of a vantage point with the helicopter in the background.
  6. and more….

Contact Jon Slagle


Train to become a Pilot or AP mechanic.

This is a big commitment and is only available to people who have gone through at least one Mission One Eleven Expedition. Interested pilot candidates, once they have completed an expedition, will then submit to a vetting process with Jon Slagle or Karl Hargestam to determine if they are suitable candidates for the program. it normally takes several years to complete and has a substantial monetary commitment.  AP mechanics track is similar and is a little less expensive. Once they have completed an expedition they must enroll in a AP mechanics school to learn how to work on helicopters and to comply with FAA standards.


There may be opportunities to work in our hanger at our Mission One Eleven Meadows Field in Bakersfield California. Contact Jon Slagle