Mass Evangelism

Jesus withdrew with his disciples to the sea and a large crowd followed them… Mark 3:7

Wherever Jesus is, there is sure to be a crowd.

In 1997, Karl and Jennifer Hargestam launched Joshua Campaign, a ministry dedicated to mass evangelism through Gospel festivals and evangelism crusades.

We believe that it is our birthright that there should be at least “One Chance for Every Person” to hear and have a chance to make a decision to follow Jesus.

Karl saw people’s hunger for Jesus everywhere he went and started holding large Gospel festivals in Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Indonesia, India and Pakistan, that ranged between 40,000 to 300,000 people. Since then, more than 3 million first time salvation booklets have been given out to people who have declared to have received Christ into their hearts. Many bible schools, colleges and churches have been started as a result of these festivals.

Per and Abbi Åkvist continue the vision and leadership of Joshua Campaign International to share the love of Jesus. They lead a dedicated team and hold large Gospel Festivals as well as minister to, and assist abused women and children with Joshua Mercy Ministries.