We go find unreached or unengaged people groups and share the Gospel! No matter where they are.

We take ordinary young people on a journey to the unreached. First, students dedicate several weeks for training through our online learning program.

They’ll learn about unreached people, how to live in a tribe, learn 29 Gospel stories that they will use while in the bush and practice evangelism locally.

Once our students complete the 5 unit course study they become eligible for one of the expeditions. Such as Ethiopia, Nepal, Indonesia, refugee work, and so much more.

Students will meet in country, spend some time in orientation and team building and then head into the field. They will spend anywhere from 2-5 weeks living with the unreached people group, getting to know them and their culture, and then sharing Chronological Storytelling.

This investment into reaching the unreached is a lifetime catalytic experience that changes the way you follow God’s path for you!

The most common question we hear from unreached people is: “If you’ve known this, why has it taken so long for someone to bring this to us?”

The true “mission” of Mission One Eleven is to fulfill the Great Commission and take the Gospel specifically to unreached and unengaged people groups.

Our main goal is search, find, share, spread and then repeat the process.


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