We love that you want to Sponsor an unreached people group!

A minium donation of $3260.00 will allow us to contract a mission pioneer to go to that people group and create a reconnaissance report.

We are pioneering into the unknown, so your donation will help cover the cost of flights, transportation, lodging and other expenses incurred in physically going to these unreached people groups.

Our pioneers will seek out information on the specific group and gather logistical information such as:

  • How do you get there.
  • Language and finding interpreters.
  • Customs relating to that specific tribe or people group
  • Government restrictions and visa applications
  • Have there been previous attempts.
  • Are there any nearby churches or christian organizations that can assist in reaching or following up with them after.
  • Gathering any information that will help us assess what will it take to send a Mission One Eleven team to go and share the gospel through Chronological Story telling

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For End of Year donations or Estate Charitable Giving or Planning please contact Tamara Gutel


Every donation goes to finish the assignment!

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