Missionary crossing river.

Written by Jon Slagle

Jon is deeply involved in Mission One Eleven and is the owner of Scope Studios, an advertising agency and production company in Bakersfield California. He’s married to Jana Slagle and has two grown children who love the Lord.

October 30, 2020




I think everyone has been impacted this year due to the CoVid-19 coronavirus.
Many of us lost loved ones or knew someone who suffered through the onslaught and recovery of the virus. All of us were quarantined to some extent and adjusting to wearing a mask everywhere. Disruption to business as normal saw some ministries suspend or close operations, and some saw giving and tithing dry up overnight. It has impacted us all.

At Mission One Eleven, we were affected as well. But we know this. God has not slowed down, stopped, or changed the redeeming gift he has for every person who will receive it.

The great commission still stands.

Some from our overseas field operators had to return back to their home countries while countries locked down went into quarantine . Others stayed to ride it out knowing the medical care might not be as available as they are accustomed to.

Our leadership trip to Turkey and our other Expedition trips to Ethiopia, Ethiopian Schools, Vietnam and Sri Lanka this year had to be postponed till international travel opens back up. We are hoping 2021.

But there is Good news. No, Great News! Our training courses thorough our partnership with Vanguard University and new on-line training modules is incredibly well received and successful. It has allowed us to open up training to anyone, anywhere throughout the world, to prepare and go into the mission field in as little as three months! And get transferable college credit for it as well. That’s incredible!

Also, our UnReached Task force is now meeting monthly, bringing together many experts on unreached people groups from throughout the world, to speak, teach and learn what we and others in unreached ministries are currently working on as well as praying for each other.

So all and all, we are excited about what God is doing throughout the world and can’t wait to see what opportunities open up for all of us.

Blessings in Christ

Jon Slagle
V.P. Mission One Eleven

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